Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To all my fellow comrades in the service industry

Do you deal with the public daily? Does your income consist mainly of tips? If so, this blog is for us. The people who tap dance at the tables and bars of America, hoping to make a few dollars for our effort. I just got off of work so I will update this more tomorrow. Feel free to rant and rave and share your horror stories, laughter, tears etc. We work in the most unique busines that I can think of. Everday we wake up, put our uniforms on and the best possible attitude. The rest of the day and the income takes off from there. I currently work at a steakhouse in a very rural community in Georiga. We have just relocated here from Baltimore so this is very new to me. The economy is exceptionally depressed right now, but it is very bad here. Most people lean towards, ugh, buffet eating. It is more cost effective than paying $16.99 for a steak. I have been at this restaurant going on three weeks in our new town. My boss has audio and video EVERYWHERE in the restaurant. Therefore, nothing you say is sacred. That is a little unnerving. We don't serve alcohol, which is something I miss, as it is an easy way to increase your check averages. I would love to hear from other people in the business. I am also interested in people who have worked in the north and also the south. It is very different, at least so far in my experience. The slang, the tipping attitidues etc. Feel free to respond.

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  1. Hi Lori,

    Driving through Tennessee, I often stop at a steak house, sometimes Steak'n'burger.
    Why is the staff so nervous about me being there? My out-of- town plates, My Toronto accent? In the wrong part of town? Dunno. Often glad to get out of there. Maybe after three days of driving on 75 I look nuts.