Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love Friday nights

Work was awesome last night. I had the smallest station, 4 tables and my sales were, I believe, the highest, $745.00. Mind you, we don't sell any liquor. I made more money off my little ass station than other girls who had about two more tables a piece. I have a huge believer as a server that it isn't the amount of tables, it is the quality of the service. Ps-as long as you have a fair hostess, and a fair rotation in seating. The area and clientle that we have is tough. This is a rural community and it probably kills them to pay $16.99 for a Rib Eye when they can go eat at a buffet. Than after they receive a $60 check for two people, again, no beer, wine, or liquor, alot of them feel they have spent enough and there a few who actually stiff the servers where I work. My tips averages last night were between 15-20% which I shoot for 25% but I was happy. So were the customers.


  1. I waited tables in Balto for years....put myself through nursing school wiating tables and lifeguarding there....good for you for blogging on it...


    You visited Enigma Cafe- my other main blog is Watergate Summer- Enigma Cafe is my Refuge blog- and poorly neglected .....

    I will be back,...

  2. i tip more for wretched and horrible service. i know why the service is bad typically....and i know how much shit amazing people are forced to deal with a lot of the time. serving others is extemly challenging.

    great reading this.

  3. I'm getting to hate being a cabbie.